Grand Ayatollah On Cursing the Prophet’s
Wives/Companions and Taqiyyah


The following fatwa is found on the Official Website of Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Shahroudi ( He is one of the Maraje’ (top scholars) of the Shia, and he teaches at the Islamic Seminary at Qum. Not only this, but here he admits that there are authentic Shia Hadith which prove that the Infallible Imam of the Shia would curse the Prophet’s wives after each prayer, five times a day. So how can the Shia have the audacity to dismiss the fact that cursing the Prophet’s wives is a part of their faith?

Please note how the Grand Ayatollah allows the cursing but it must be done in such a way as not to reveal the Taqiyyah that is being done in front of the Sunni masses. Perhaps this will wake up those Sunnis who are fooled by the Shia lies when they say that they do not curse the Prophet’s wives or Sahabah. This comes from the mouth of the Grand Ayatollah himself.

All of the quotes on this page are found on the following page off of the Grand Ayatollah’s website:

(scroll down to questions 50 and 51)

Question 50: Is it permissible to curse some of the Mothers of the Believers, such as lady Aisha for her disobedience of the Prophet, declaring war upon the Imam of her time, and showing enmity towards Amir al-Mu’minin Ali ibn Abi Talib, either (cursing her) explicitly with her name or implicitly?

الجواب : يجوز لعن كلّ من أعلن العداء لأميرالمؤمنين أو الزهراء أو الأئمة(عليهم السلام)فكيف بمن ظلمهم وحاربهم إلاّ مع خوف تلف النفس وقد ورد أنّ الإمام الصادق (عليه السلام) كان يلعن ثمانية بعد كلّ صلاته (أربعة من الرجال وأربعة من النساء ) .

Answer: It is permissible to curse all those who showed enmity towards Amir al-Mu’minin (Ali), al-Zahra, or the Imams. And why not after the oppression (they faced) and the fighting against them? Except (do not curse them) if there is fear of being harmed. And it is also mentioned that Imam al-Sadiq (a.s.) used to curse eight (of them) after all his prayers.

Question 51: My Habibi, my question is regarding the cursing that is found in the Dua’s of the Ziyarat of Ashura, and I talk in particular about the cursing of: the First (Abu Bakr), the Second (Umar), the Third (Uthman). Is it part of the Ziyarat and has it been reported by the Infallible (a.s)? Or has it been rejected? And did the Imams from Ahl al-Bayt allow the cursing of these three and did they say the person who does it is rewarded?

الجواب : نعم اللعن جزء من زيارة عاشوراء ويكرر مئة مرّة وقد صدر اللعن من الأئمة (عليهم السلام) وليس لعن الظالمين مختصاً بزيارة عاشوراء ، بل الروايات في ذلك متواترة . نعم لابدّ أن يكون اللعن غير مناف للتقية.

Answer: Yes, cursing is permissible in the Ziyarat of Ashura. Repeat it hundreds of times. It has been reported that the Imams cursed and this was not just the cursing of the oppressors of Ashura, but repeatedly (others as well). And this is found in a lot of similar Hadiths. And yes, the cursing must not be done in a matter to reveal the Taqiyyah. | Email : ahlelbayt[a] | English Version