Fatwas: Permission of Wali Not Required for Mutah;
Shia Guy Can Take Sunni Girl in Mutah


Ayatollah Fadlullah is the spiritual leader of Hizbollah, revered by the Shia in Lebanon and worldwide. We find the following fatwa on his official website:

Conditions of temporary marriage

Q: What are The Conditions of Temporary marriage and what is the wording of the contract?

It is allowed to conclude a temporary marriage with a virgin if she is an adult, since she has the right to wed herself without the permission of her guardian, but other considerations should be taken into account – like bad reputation the girl might acquire or that she might put herself in a dangerous situation, since it is illegal to endanger oneself in Islamic law even if it were in marriage…

(source: Ayatollah Fadlullah’s official website,

He was also asked the following question, to which he answered:

Temporary Marriage

Q: Is it permissible to conclude a contract with a girl that is 18 years old and that supports herself financially?

A: It is permissible, in case she is rational.

(source: Ayatollah Fadlullah’s official website,

There has been an increasing number of older Shia men who prey on young Sunni girls and get them to enter into Mutah. This is sanctioned by the Shia scholars who say that the permission of the girl is not required to take her in Mutah! Truly, the Sunni masses should be made aware of this threat.

We read the following fatwa on Imam Rohani’s official website:


I know a virgin Sunni girl. Is it permissible to perfom Mutah with her without permission of her Wali? To have a talk (with her) without sex?


It is permissible without permission of the Wali, with or without penetration. (i.e. sex)

(source: Imam Rohani’s official website,

This is a truly dangerous religion, and parents should be made aware of this Shia threat to the honor of Sunni girls. May Allah protect our women, as well as the women of the Shia who are also susceptible to being exploited by their Shia men. These Shia men can literally take away girls and have Mutah with them, without even the permission of the girl’s parents. And not only this, but these men believe themselves to be rewarded for this act of Mutah.

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