The Fiqh of Mutah


Mutah is Arabic word which means “enjoyment” or “pleasure.” It refers to the Shia belief in “temporary marriage” in which a man pays a woman and it becomes permissible for the man to have sexual relations with her for a fixed period of time.

The following are Shia Hadith from the most important of the four Shia books of Hadith, Al-Kafi. It is abundantly clear that these so-called Hadith advocate prostitution and Zinnah, and go against the chastity that is a central tenet of true Islam.

1. No Divorce or Inheritance Involved in Mutah:
The narrator asked Imam Baqir about the women of Mutah. The Imam said, “She is not among those four [women classified as wives] because she neither needs a divorce, nor is [a child born of her] entitled to any inheritance. She is like a hired woman.” (Al-Kafi)

2. No Need for Witnesses or Open Declaration of Mutah:
“There is no need for witnesses or any open declaration in Mutah.” (Al-Kafi)

3. The Price of Mutah:
The narrator asked Imam Jafar as-Sadiq, “What should be the minimum compensation for Mutah?” The Imam said, “Anything that the two parties agree upon.” (Al-Kafi)

4. The Inexpensiveness of Mutah:
The narrator asked Imam Jafar as-Sadiq what the minimum compensation for Mutah could be, and he answered, “One fistful of wheat.” (Al-Kafi)

5. The Least Costly Mutah:
“Mutah is a marriage that may last for a very short time. It needs no witnesses, and it has no period of ‘iddah. The minimum compensation that could be paid to the woman for sexual relations is one dirham.” (Al-Kafi)

6. The Convenience of Mutah:
Aban bin Tughlaq related that he said to Imam Jafar as-Sadiq, “Often during my travels I come across a very beautiful woman and am not sure if she has a husband or if she is an adulteress or if she is one of dubious character,” The imam responded, “Why should you worry about all of these things? Your duty is to believe what she engage in Mutah with her.” (Al-Kafi)

7. Mutah is Allowed with Women of Dubious Character:
The narrator asked Imam Jafar as-Sadiq, “In al-Kufa there is a woman known for her dubious character. Can I engage in Mutah with her?” The imam said, “Yes, you may engage in Mutah with her.” (Al-Kafi)

8. Mutah with Numerous Women:
Zararah said, “I asked the Imam with how many different girls one can contract Mutah. He answered, ‘with as many as one likes. These women are like hired girls.’” (Al-Kafi)

9. Numerous Sexual Gratifications in Mutah:
“One my have sexual relations with the woman contracted for Mutah any number of times he desires.” (Al-Kafi)

10. An Open License with All Women:
“Mutah is allowed with all types of women. She may be a virgin, married, widowed or may belong to any sect, group or religion. She may be a Christian, Jew or Muslim. However, Mutah with a Majusi (Magian) woman is permissible only when one is helpless.” (Al-Kafi)

11. Mutah with One Thousand Women:
“If one desires, he may have Mutah with one thousand women since these are like hired women.” (Al-Kafi)

12. Mutah with a Young Girl:
Jameel bin ad-Dari said that he asked Imam Jafar as-Sadiq if Mutah was permissible with a virgin girl. The Imam said, “There is no harm in it if the girl is not too young. However, all of the collectors of hadith agree that a nine-year-old girl is not considered too young.” (Al-Kafi)

13. The Commission of Mutah:
Ali asked the Prophet: “What is the reward of the person who participates in the virtuous deed of arranging the mutual meetings of a man and woman?” The Prophet said, “He will receive the same reward as the two who engage in Mutah.” (Al-Kafi)

14. Blessings of Mutah:
The Prophet said, “The man who contracts Mutah once will be saved from the Hellfire. One who contracts it twice will be in the company of virtuous men [in Paradise]. And the one who contracts it three times will be my companion in Firdos [the highest level of Paradise].” (Al-Kafi)

15. Mutah - A Blessing from Allah:
No one can close the door of blessings which Allah opens for His servants, Imam Jafar as-Sadiq said, “Mutah is one of the blessings of Allah.” (Al-Kafi)

16. Mutah - A Security for Paradise:
“If a man contracts Mutah once in his lifetime, Allah will grant him Paradise.” (Al-Kafi)

17. Mutah - A Savior from Shirk:
“He who contracts Mutah is saved from Shirk.” (Al-Kafi)

18. Mutah - A Pardon from All Sins:

“When a person engages in Mutah, all of his private talking to the woman is recorded as virtues. When he extends his arms towards the woman, this is also written as virtue. When he engages in the sexual act with the woman, Allah forgives all of his sins. When the two take a bath, Allah showers His blessings upon them and forgives their sins equal to the amount of hair [on their bodies].” The narrator inquired in surprise, “Equal to the amount of hair on their bodies?” The imam replied, “Yes, for every one single hair [wet by the water]. But their reward is reduced by the amount of hair that may not be wet.” (Al-Kafi)

19. Mutah - A Pardon of Sins for Practicing Women:
It is narrated by Imam Baqir that the Prophet said, “When I was being taken to Heaven during the Mi’raj (ascension), Jibraeel met me and told me, ‘O Muhammad, Allah has promised to forgive all of the sins of those women who practice Mutah.’” (Al-Kafi)

20. Denying Belief in Mutah:
“One who does not believe that we (i.e., the Infallible Imams) will reappear and rule and one who does not believe in the sanctity of Mutah is not from among us.” (Al-Kafi)

21. Punishment for Not Performing Mutah:
The Prophet said, “The men and women who die without performing Mutah even once in their lives will appear on the Day of Judgment with their ears and nose cut and [their faces] deformed.” (Al-Kafi)

22. Mutah - A Safeguard Against the Hellfire:
Imam Jafar as-Sadiq narrated from the Prophet that “one third of the body is saved from the Hellfire if one contracts Mutah once. Two thirds of the body is saved if one contracts Mutah twice, and the whole body is saved from Hell if one contracts Mutah three times.” (Al-Kafi)

23. Mutah - A Deed of Allah’s Virtuous Servants
It is narrated that once the Prophet was sitting among his companions and the discussion came to the topic of Mutah. The Prophet said, “Do you know what is the reward of Mutah?” The companions answered, “No,” The Prophet then said, “Jibraeel just came to me and said, ‘0 Muhammad, Allah sends His blessings to you and commands you to instruct your ummah to engage in the practice of Mutah since this is the practice of [Allah’s] virtuous servants.’” (Al-Kafi)

24. Mutah - A Ladder to the Stages of Piety:
“One who engages in Mutah once attains the status of Imam al-Hussain. One who engages in it twice becomes equal in status to Imam al-Hasan. The one who performs it three times reaches the position of Imam Ali. And he who practices it four times acquires the level and position [equal to that] of the Prophet.” (Al-Kafi)

25. Great Reward for Women Who Does Mutah For Free:
“For the woman who donates back her compensation to the person who contracts Mutah with her and for the woman who foregoes her dowry, Allah will reward her with 40,000 cities of light and 70,000 dresses of velvet and silk brocade…And Allah will reward her with 70,000 more dresses from Heaven for each quarter of a dirham she donates back… And for each quarter of a dirham Allah will also assign 1,000 angels who will continue writing virtues in her account until the Day of Judgment.” (Al-Kafi) | Email : ahlelbayt[a] | English Version