More Shia Hadith on Mutah


Mutah refers to “temporary marriage”, in which a man pays a woman a set amount of money in order to “marry” her for as long as he wants. This “marriage” can last as little as one hour. By the dictionary definition, this is nothing but prostitution: a set amount of money is paid for sexual services.

Mutah is not only allowed in the Shia religion, but it is actually actively encouraged. Al-Kafi is the most reliable of the four Shia books of Hadith. Here are some Hadith from that book; it should be noted that the Ahlus Sunnah rejects these Hadith as Shia fabrications:

1. The Prophet said, “The man who contracts Mutah once will be saved from the Hellfire. One who contracts it twice will be in the company of virtuous men [in Paradise]. And the one who contracts it three times will be my companion in the highest level of Paradise.” (Al-Kafi)

2. The Prophet said, “The men and women who die without performing Mutah even once in their lives will appear on the Day of Judgment with their ears and nose cut and [their faces] deformed.” (Al-Kafi)

3. Imam Jafar as-Sadiq narrated from the Prophet that “one third of the body is saved from the Hellfire if one contracts mutah once. Two thirds of the body is saved if one contracts Mutah twice, and the whole body is saved from Hell if one contracts Mutah three times.” (Al-Kafi)

4. It is narrated that once the Prophet was sitting among his companions and the discussion came to the topic of mutah. The Prophet said, “Do you know what is the reward of mutah?” The companions answered, “No,” The Prophet then said, “Jibraeel just came to me and said, ‘O Muhammad, Allah sends His blessings to you and commands you to instruct your Ummah to engage in the practice of Mutah since this is the practice of [Allah’s] virtuous servants.” (Al-Kafi)

Article Written By: Ibn al-Hashimi, | Email : ahlelbayt[a] | English Version