A Plea from a Muslim Sister


I was fourteen years old and my relationship with my parents was on the edge just like any other teenager. I started to become interested in boys. I felt as if no one understood me, not even my friends. I especially didn’t feel pretty with my braces.

It all changed when I met him. It was fascinating to know that a college student would care so much about me. He was the most wonderful person. He treated me like a queen, and soon we became the best of friends. I felt I could tell him anything. As our friendship progressed, we talked about different topics including religion. He had different beliefs than me; he was Shia while I was Sunni. We always argued upon the differences. He had a way with making things sound bettter than what they were. Soon I became very confused.

One day he mentioned the idea of Mutah. He told me that it was a type of temporary marriage, which was Halal even in Sunni books. At first I didn’t believe him, but he used sources such as Bukhari and Muslim. I took his word for it, and before I realized, I was into a lot of trouble. I was in Mutah for four years. As time went by, I learnt that I had lost my honor and dignity to someone who had done this to several other girls.

I hope to inform and educate the people about the disease of Mutah, which is spreading rapidly in the Sunni community. It is the goal of certain Shia individuals to do Mutah with innocent girls, who lack knowledge of religion and experience of life. They convince them with their beliefs, and create confusion in their minds. I beg every sister, brother, father, mother, and friend to take a closer look at their dear ones, and make sure they do not become victims to the concept of Mutah.

Mutah is a form of temporary marriage whereby a man can “marry” a woman for an agreed amount of time and money (mahr). In Mutah, the husband is not financially responsible for the wife. There are no set limits in this kind of marriage by the Shia. According to Shia beliefs, no witnesses nor a permission of the guardian is needed (the Sunni father does not believe in Mutah), and there is no limit on the number of times one can do Mutah.

Also, the time period can be as little as one hour to as long as sixty years. In addition, a man who is permanently married can do as many Mutah as he feels like, even with married women. This is very similar to prostitution indeed.

Every day, more and more girls in our community are falling victim to this idea of Mutah presented by the Shia individuals. These girls are helpless in asking anyone for help, especially their parents. Please, teach and inform one another about the idea of Mutah, and our beliefs regarding it. Please do it for the honor and dignity of our Islam and for the love of Allah!

If everyone practised Mutah, which is what Shi’ism encourages, then we’d all probably die of STDs. There are Shia hadith which say that a man should perform Mutah with a thousand women. The medical implications of the implementation of these Shia beliefs would mean an epidemic of diseases. It is well-known that Shia guys are engaging in Mutah, oftentimes preying on innocent Sunni and Shia girls. This has become a major problem on university campuses world-wide.

Yours Truly,
A Concerned Muslim Sister

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