One of the most troublesome points for the Shia faith is the fact that its central tenet, the concept of Imamah and the designation of the twelve Infallible Imams, is altogether missing from the Quran. To the Shia, the belief in the twelve Imams is central to one’s faith and the one who denies the Imamah of these twelve men does not die a complete believer. Therefore, it is mysterious that Allah did not include this belief in the Quran, even though much lesser important matters were in fact mentioned therein.

The classical Shia scholars rectified this discrepancy by claiming that the Quran was tampered with by the Sahabah (the Prophet’s Companions) who sought to prevent the rule of Ali (رضّى الله عنه) and the line of Imams after him; according to these Shia, the Sahabah removed verses and even entire Surahs from the Quran (including the so-called Surah al-Wilayah) in order to hide Allah’s Commandments to follow the twelve Imams. This belief in Tahreef (corruption or manipulation) of the Quran became a central part of the classical Shia theology. However, when the mainstream Muslims heard of this deviant belief, they reacted by burning to the stake the heretics who claimed such a thing. It was thus that the Shia scholars decided upon using Taqiyyah (lying to save oneself) in order to save the Shia masses from extinction. These classical Shia scholars feared that the welfare of the Shia masses was far too important and it was best to hide this view using Taqiyyah.

In the modern day, the Shia scholars have continued this tradition of Taqiyyah, publically denying–even to their own followers–the belief in Tahreef. The Shia propagandists have taken Taqiyyah one step further by simply denying that this was ever a Shia belief to begin with. Unfortunately, the classical Shia books–written by the founding fathers of Shia theology–are evidence to the contrary: the prevailing view of the men who founded the Shia theology, whose books form the basis for modern day Shia scholarship, was that Tahreef of Quran did in fact happen.

Please read the following articles on the topic:

* Shaykh al-Mufid, Tahreef, Taqiyyah, and Half-Quoting

Shaykh al-Mufid claimed, like his other Shia colleagues, that Uthman (رضّى الله عنه) did not properly compile the Quran and that parts of the Quran were left out (i.e. omitted) from the Mushaf, in particular those verses in the Quran in which the names of the twelve Imams were mentioned. Shaykh al-Mufid claimed that Amir al-Mu’mineen Ali (رضّى الله عنه) was the only one who compiled the entire Quran and that this edition was currently being held by Al-Qaem (i.e. Imam Mehdi) who would reveal this complete version when he would return from his occultation.

* Shaykh al-Mufid and Tahreef, Strike Two

Shaykh al-Mufid of the Shia needs no introduction. He was the classical Shia scholar of the tenth century, and is credited as being one of the founding fathers of Shia theology. Shaykh al-Mufid is to the Shia who Imam Abu Hanifa is to the Sunnis. In Kitab al-Irshad, he writes about how the Imam Mehdi (i.e. Qa’im) will–on his return–teach people the “real” Quran.

* Tahreef (Tampering) of Verse 33:33

The classical scholars of the Shia claimed that there was Tahreef (tampering) of the Quran. They claimed that the “evil” Sahabah changed the Quran, and that the Mushaf we have today is not the real Quran (at least not in its unaltered form). The contemporary Shia scholars, however, completely deny that they believe in Tahreef or that this belief was ever a part of their sect. Nonetheless, despite this denial, many of the Shia Ulema hold onto the belief known as Tahreef bit Tarteeb (tampering in the order of the verses of the Quran such that the meaning of it is changed). Many Shia scholars claim that verse 33:33 was altered in such a manner.

* Tahreef (Tampering) of Verse 11:73

It should also be known that the Shia do not love Ahlel Bayt as they claim but rather they hate it, as they scorn the Prophet’s wives. To justify their claim of being the lovers of Ahlel Bayt, the Shia try to use aggressive word games with Verse 33:33, but these same “grammatical” games fall apart when they are applied to Verse 5:73, forcing the Shia to adopt the opinion of their classical Ulema, namely that the Sahabah tampered with the Quran!

* Answering-Ansar’s Guru Says Current Quran is “Incomplete” and “Not Enough”

In this article, we expose Answering-Ansar’s guru, Allamah Abdul Kareem Mushtaq. We reveal the link between Answering-Ansar and then we examine the Allamah’s views. Allamah Abdul Kareem Mushtaq believed that our current Quran is incomplete and insufficient. He claimed that Imam Mehdi would bring the entire Quran, and that this true Quran would be complete, unlike our “weak” Quran. The Allamah even claims that the Quran of Imam Mehdi has the name of Pakistan in it! This is an article that will deliver a blow to the credibility of Answering-Ansar that they cannot possibly recover from.

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