The Shia belief centers around the idea of Imam Mehdi, or the Hidden Imam. Here, we examine the strange beliefs associated around the Mehdi.

* Al-Raj’ah [The Return]: Imams Reincarnated

According to the Shia, the Imams will be in reincarnated so that they can punish their enemies and rule the earth in a second life. “Al-Raj’ah” [The Return] is a fundamental of the Shia faith. Orthodox Muslims [i.e. those of the mainstream Ahlus Sunnah] abhor this pagan and Hindu-like belief in reincarnation. It is absurd and an obvious exaggeration of the Shia who simply wishes beyond wish that one day that the “dirty Nasibi Sunnis” will be punished. | Email : ahlelbayt[a] | English Version